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Dr. Constantin Gurdgiev is Professor of Finance at Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey and continues as adjunct assistant professor of finance at Trinity College, Dublin. He is a co-founder and director of the Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation. Constantin is proudly a board advisor to Aid:Tech, a revolutionary blockchain technology firm that works to merge technology and aid.  He serves as a partner and a board member with a number of international financial services providers, and he is the board member of ICham Irish Chamber of Commerce in Central and Eastern Europe.

In the past, Gurdgiev served as the head of research at St. Columbanus AG; the Head of Macroeconomics at IBM; and director of research at NCB Stockbrokers, Ltd. 

Born in Moscow, Russia, he was educated at the University of California, Los Angeles, University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins University and Trinity College Dublin..

Constantin specializes in Investment Theory, Applied Investment and Trading, and Macroeconomic Analysis and Risk applications to the financial markets.

Outside academia, he acts as an adviser to and a director with a range of financial services start ups covering data analytics, B2C services and back office infrastructure for on-line financial services providers. He is also a co-Founder and Director of the Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation, Ltd. and the Chairman of Ireland Russia Business Association.

Dr. Gurdgiev is a frequent speaker on topics covering 
- The future of financial services
- Behavioural and macroeconomic drivers for consumer services and financial services development
- The role of human capital in economic development,
- Current and future trends in financial markets (European and Russian markets), and
- Ongoing geopolitical and macroeconomic risks (global markets).

Blending high level views of technological progress, demographic and consumer preferences trends, he provides a longer-range vision for evolution of key markets and underlying supply and demand dynamics. Dr Gurdgiev's presentations focus on sectoral and enterprise-level insights into strategic responses required to address these challenges. 

His current and past clients in this area include: Google, IBM, Alltech, KPMG, PWC, IG,  Bloomberg, Reuters, CFA Institute, Eon, Allianz,  and others. 

At a policy level, Dr. Gurdgiev delivered presentations, statements and testimonies in the European Parliament, Bank for International Settlements, and in a number of specialist Committees hearings at the Houses of the Oireachtas (Irish Parliament). 
He is a frequent contributor to international media (TV, radio and print) and has regular columns in Cayman Financial Review, Insight Ireland, and Village Magazine. In the past he wrote regular columns for the SundayTimes (Business), the Sunday Business Post (Ireland) and the Sunday Tribune (Ireland), and was a regular contributor to the Globe & Mail (Canada). He occasionally contributes to other international publications, such as the Wall Street Journal. 

Dr Gurdgiev's blog on economics ( is reprinted on Seeking Alpha and is carried by a number of other investment markets platforms, such as Alternative Economics and EconIntersect). Dr Gurdgiev is currently ranked second on the UK & Ireland Economists Top 100 list by CityAM.

Some samples of my past engagements:
- A recent speech for Google
- An interview format engagement`
- TEDx Dublin talk


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